Water Quality

Contaminants enter your water supply naturally...

...through deteriorating environments, poor land management practices and complications with aging municipal water treatment and delivery systems. We use a complete range of technologies to treat your water. Regardless of the type of water treatment required, Neptune Water Systems Ltd. has a system suitable for your needs. Our filtration and ion exchange system product line can address a variety of water treatment problems commonly found in ground and well water supplies within Nova Scotia. Neptune Water Systems Ltd. water treatment filtration systems are designed to solve a broad range of treatment problems from the reduction of iron complexes to the treatment of waters requiring pH adjustment. The backbone of every system supplied by Neptune is the industry leading valve by Pentair Water. The GE series valves are the workhore in the industry today. We offer more than 20 models with 90 different options and over 1,000 configurations. That way, you have a valve that sets you apart - something unique to target specific customer needs.

Timers that control the regeneration cycle.

Heavy duty electromechanical powerheads allow quick access to all internal parts.

Electronic powerheads utilize push button programming.

Simple to program and easy to service.