Make sure you specify no dashi. Naoshima Art Island is known for its contemporary art museums and iconic yellow pumpkin sculpture. Vinegared sushi rice stuffed in a fried tofu pouch. My husband and I are visiting Japan at the end of August. We found this phrase very useful and successfully used it in restaurants to get a vegetarian meal.“Tabemasen” means “I don’t eat” so you can add any word in front of that. There are now more vegetarian and vegan restaurants as well as traditional Japanese restaurants offering vegetarian options (with handy English menus). There is plenty of tofu in Japan and it is much higher quality than anywhere else in the world. Rice Most supermarkets have extensive fruit and vegetable sections like most places in the world. In Kanazawa we struggled to find Japanese vegetarian meals so ended up eating Western food. Happy Cow is an indispensable resource for finding vegetarian and vegan restaurants. You could also use Google Translate (see above). But Japanese food is so delicious that we always want to eat as much of the national cuisine as possible. Japan. Pickled vegetable (carrot) sushi at Komekichi Kozushi in Nikko. Asia. Red rice and adzuki bean balls are another tasty packed lunch you can pick up from a convenience store. Ours wasn’t a planned night out – But dinner was on the agenda. They are quite plain but still a good vegetarian option. See our recommended restaurants in each of these cities below. The food was Italian-inspired and utterly delicious including a pesto, potato and mascarpone pizza and grilled vegetables with an incredible pesto dip. Shojin ryori or Zen Buddhist temple cuisine is the beacon of hope for a vegetarian in Japan. sumimasen – excuse me. This always made people smile. We also ate the set lunch at Bon On Shya International Cafe on the main street which is vegetarian but serves international food rather than Japanese. Oyaki is a speciality of the Nagano prefecture and we tried it in Matsumoto. They usually include various types of tofu, an array of vegetables, rice, pickles, miso soup, and more unusual items such as the jelly-like konnyaku (made from the konjac plant). Japan (2496 listings) Vegan Vegetarian Veg-Options Chains Filters 0. Pumpkin croquettes can be found in the deli section of supermarkets and some restaurants and make a delicious, cheap vegetarian meal. It is better to be clearer and instead say “watashi wa niku toh sakana wo tabemasen” which means I don’t eat meat or fish. However, with a little planning, it's possible to navigate Japan and even sample vegetarian or vegan Japanese food, without compromising your diet. You can try local specialities at Self Tacoyaki Bar Iduco, Matsuri, and Okonomiyaki Chitose. To be fair when I arrived Japan I sorta thought the same as you. You acknowledge that your email will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. We also had a break from Japanese at the excellent Pizzeria Onda. We’d rather eat a Japanese meal, but when that’s not possible it has stopped us from going hungry. For more Japan tips see our post on planning a trip to Japan for everything you need to know. Fuji Tempura Idaten in Kawaguchiko (near Mount Fuji) was another good spot with a vegetable-only tempura option. Vegetarian in Japan!?! Please read our disclosure for more info. We were tempted by the tubs of spicy cucumber at 7-Eleven, but unfortunately they contain fish sauce. It’s different from the Indian version but still tasty. We love the food culture and find vegetarian food in Japan to be high quality, beautifully presented, and healthy. We used them to book our stay at Hotel Musashiya, a lovely ryokan overlooking Lake Ashi in Hakone, where you can see Mount Fuji. We usually stay in an Airbnb apartment for at least part of our trips to Japan. Though Japan had a vegetable-oriented eating style in the past, food-westernization completely changed the landscape. Milk Land in Shinjuku does an excellent value vegetarian lunch set. The word "bejitarian" (vegetarian) is widely understood but can be a little more flexible in definition than you might appreciate. Opt-out at any time (an unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every email). Vegetarianism and veganism is not as popular in Japan as it is in the West, so you'll find there's often some confusion as to what you can and can't eat. Although there are still few restaurants compared to a lot of major cities, Japan also has a vegetarian tradition, Shojin Ryori (Monk cuisine), and there also many cuisines serving vegetarian dishes! If you're a little adventurous, you may even discover some new ingredients to add to your vegan cooking arsenal when you go back home. Gohei mochi is a speciality of the Kiso Valley area that we sampled in the small, traditional village Tsumago. Overall, it is definitely possible to travel as a vegan in Japan, but it does take a bit of research and patience due to the language barrier. Not many Japanese people speak English (although this is improving) and learning a few phrases is essential to making your needs as a vegetarian understood. Natto, fermented soybeans, are a staple of the cuisine and fresh or pickled seasonal veggies are easy to find. The Shibuya branch is a take away and standing online spot whereas you can enjoy take-out or eat-in options at the Yokohama branch, which specializes in a wide range of vegan curries. Helen Marvell shares her thoughts, some tips and gives a little bit of inspiration. A great opportunity to try homemade kaiseki, a gourmet, multi-course traditional Japanese meal, is in a ryokan or traditional inn. Tokyo has many options for vegetarians. The problem is the labels are usually in Japanese, so it is difficult to see which ones are vegetarian. Sans reservations, we bravely walked out of […] Be careful in tofu restaurants, though, as they aren’t usually vegetarian, and even if they can make a vegetarian meal for you, they will probably use dashi. Be careful of croquettes though—Simon bought a potato croquette from a stand and it turned out to have chunks of meat in it. There have been quite a lot of Q&A about being vegetarian in Kyoto, so you might browse past posts. It certainly has a different texture from the tofu we are used to as it’s soft, creamy, and melts in your mouth. Enter your email to sign up for our monthly newsletter with exclusive travel tips and updates. Plus they are a lot of fun and you’ll get to enjoy a delicious meal. Okonomiyaki is a type of Japanese savoury pancake made with a base of egg and milk batter and shredded cabbage plus other ingredients. Answer 1 of 8: Hi there! Vegetarian restaurants are starting to pop up all over Tokyo. It’s just nice to be able to sample the wider array of veggie-friendly restaurants in the cities for at least part of your trip. There’s something for every budget. Osaka is very vegetarian-friendly if you plan in advance. Fried tofu topped with grated daikon radish. The simplest solution to being vegetarian in Japan, like anywhere is to make your own food. Japan has a culinary diverse culture, ranging from regional delicacies to dishes influenced by foreign culture. Some are particularly proud of their vegetarian cuisine, so search online to see which ones specialize. Sukuya is a good place to try a vegetarian version of the local speciality hoba miso—vegetables and tofu cooked with miso paste on a magnolia leaf. Yasai Cafe Meguri in Nikko serves vegan lunch sets and Komekichi Kozushi has tasty vegetarian sushi options and is one of the few places open in the evenings. Share your travel photos with us by hashtagging your images with #visitjapanjp. Whilst Japan is slowly becoming more accustomed and open to vegetarian options it still displays a certain ignorance towards and lack of knowledge of the concept: surprising when you think that vegetarian favourite, tofu, was first made popular here. Google Maps — Vegetarian restaurants result for Tokyo Japanese Restaurants. Simon wearing a yukata and enjoying our vegetarian feast in our ryokan room at Hotel Musashiya in Hakone. Indian restaurants serving vegetarian meals as well are regularly found in any town in Japan. – do you have…? Soups, noodles in broth, and dipping sauces in non-vegetarian restaurants will likely contain dashi, and you’ll need to decide whether this bothers you or not. For on-the-go protein, natto (fermented soybean) is available in ready-to-eat packages, but, be warned, the accompanying sauce is often dashi (fish stock). Tips, advice & vlogs from restaurants with veggie options in Tokyo and the rest of Japan. Zen Buddhism first arrived in Japan in A.D. 538 and prompted Emperor Tenmu to prohibit the killing and eating of meat in A.D. 675. If this doesn’t worry you then go ahead and dip the noodles in. We tried many of these tofu dishes in shojin ryori restaurants. We used Google Translate’s image feature to translate ingredient lists on packaging just by pointing our phone’s camera lens at it and pressing the camera icon in the app. The delicious food is one of the reasons we keep returning to the country. The Vie de France chain is found in many train stations and has options like margherita pizza slices, cheese rolls, garlic bread, and pastries. Slow Luck is a tiny place focused on using vegetables in creative ways and has a vegetarian menu. These multi-dish meals are beautifully presented and use seasonal ingredients. Japan’s three major cities for tourists are the best places to find vegetarian Japanese food and the options are growing all the time. We haven’t done one in Tokyo yet, but this vegan class with a Michelin chef in Shibuya looks great as does this five-course vegetarian meal in Ikebukuro (just a few stops from Shinjuku on the train). In Koya-san you can get shojin ryori meals for dinner and breakfast by spending the night at a temple. They're readily available in the hot spring town of Owakudani and other onsen areas. It’s not usually vegan-friendly unless you try it at a vegan restaurant. Chopsticks are used to eat the ingredients and the broth is sipped directly from the bowl. In Kyoto there are a couple of udon restaurants that make vegan udon—we especially love the curry udon at Mimikou. Welcome to Vegetarian’s Japan Guide (*’ ’) We are a bunch of Japan travel/culture/cuisine vegetarian addicts who are always planning our next Japan trip! Taking a vegetarian cooking class while you are in Japan is a fun way to learn more about Japanese cuisine and enjoy a delicious meal. They have a vegetarian section of their English menu that explains the ingredients of the different types of okonomiyaki and we got ours without dashi by showing our vegetarian card. The elegant and artfully prepared cuisine, served on beautiful plates and dishes of Kamakura lacquerware, tends to be made up of soybean-based foods, such as tofu, along with seasonal vegetables. I’ll be moving soon to Tokyo from India. I spent two weeks in Japan eating all the amazing vegetarian food. Its cuisine, shojin ryori, is an important part of monks' devotion to a life of abstention from violence against living beings. We are both vegetarian (don't eat seafood either) and would love to hear of any tips or suggestions for food while visiting Japan. 8:25. Inarizushi is rice stuffed in a tofu pocket—just check it wasn’t made with dashi. So, here I would like to list out some of the healthy options that are relatively easy to find in Japan and which a strict vegetarian like me can consume. Our vegetarian feast at Hotel Musashiya in Hakone. These multi-dish meals are beautifully presented and use seasonal ingredients. Cultural Perception of Vegetarian Food In Japan Interestingly enough, Japanese people were prohibited from eating meat for more than a thousand years prior to 1868. There are an increasing number of vegan restaurants including Green Earth, Rocca, and Cafe Atl. In the photo above konnyaku was served like sashimi with a dark miso sauce. They are happy to cater to vegetarians and served us an incredible meal in our tatami room. I don’t think any of the burgers are vegan but apparently you can ask them to print out a list of ingredients to check. It’s a cheap and tasty meal and you can customise your level of spice and ingredients. Zen is a vegetarian-friendly okonomiyaki place. The main flavour came from the salty nori seaweed and hot wasabi that it was served with. It’s a decent, quick and cheap meal when you can’t find anything else. Mos Burger now also offers soy patty burgers but these aren’t vegetarian. Erin • nev-clockJuly 3, 2020 • nev-balloon190. The ultimate guide! The umeboshi (pickled plum) is on the top right. To my surprise, I found many options. The instant translate view doesn’t always work, so for a more accurate translation take a photo of the packet and highlight with your finger the text you want to be translated. Great care is taken to avoid waste in preparing this cuisine, and even the tops of vegetables are used for stock. Vegetarian sushi is not easy to find in Japan, but it is possible. One of the 12 courses of our vegan feast at Bon in Tokyo. But seeing as Japan’s vegetarian movement is still quite young, those who ascribe to it can sometimes feel like they have to put their beliefs on hold to please their loved ones. Differences include food standards, laws, and general cultural attitudes of vegetarian diets. Shojin Ryori is upscale Buddhist vegetarian food. Noodles in broth are found everywhere and are made from soba (buckwheat) or udon (wheat) with a range of fillings. Another option vegetarians in Japan should try are kurotomago, eggs boiled in hot springs which become black because of the water's sulfur. Rice and vegan-friendly noodles make up the base of most dishes. Chilli rice crackers at Nishiki market in Kyoto. To make matters worse, many foods in convenience stores, bakeries or even Starbucks have misleading labels, and that “vegetable sandwich,” or “vegetable pizza” may actually have meat in it too! The Hawaiian-Japanese fusion dishes have been so popular that a second branch in Japan has been opened in Yokohama in November 2020, just a year later. It is believed to bring balance to mind, body, and spirit. You can also find sushi rolls made with umeboshi (pickled plum), natto (fermented soybean), and egg. Being a vegetarian in Japan can be difficult, but with some effort and pre-planning it can also be very rewarding. Another option vegetarians in Japan should try are kurotomago, eggs boiled in hot springs which become black because of the water's sulfur. So we put aside the jet lag and joined the traditional Friday night revelry in Yokohama. Since then I have been committed to this lifestyle and I love it! Being Vegetarian in Tokyo / Japan - Duration: 8:25. Hats off to you sir! It’s a local speciality in Nikko. We ate yaki onigiri at an izakaya (Japanese pub). When you're outside of major cities, consider staying in a ryokan where they will be able to create spectacular feasts of vegetarian Japanese food if you contact them ahead of time with details of your dietary needs. Don’t miss them if you are in the area. See our privacy policy. Konnyaku is known in English as Devil’s Tongue. Some countries have strong cultural or religious traditions that promote vegetarianism, such as India, while other countries have secular ethical concerns, including animal rights, environmental protection, and health concerns. Learn how your comment data is processed. We heated ours up at home and served with a salad. Vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian in Japan? We loved this Kyoto cooking class with Uzuki. This works for restaurant menus too, although we found most places we visited had English menus. The Japanese diet is generally very healthy, but it also mainly centres around fish and meat. It’s a refreshing dish on a hot summer’s day. You can find a few vegetarian plates at almost any restaurant, but the choices tend to be quite limited. Google Maps — Vegetarian restaurants result for Tokyo Japanese Restaurants. Japanese vegetarian dishes. In all honesty, Japan can be a tough country to be a vegetarian in, but in comparison to a decade ago the number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and even the options at convenience stores have increased and improved significantly. The monks make it possible to enjoy delicious, healthy, creative Japanese meals and be sure that it is all vegan. Although being a vegetarian in Japan is a daily challenge, it’s nothing that you can’t do! But eventually I got accustomed to some of the foods and soon began to like them. In fact, it was only when beef prices started to drop in the early 1990s did the consumption of meat in the country spike. However, even when meat or fish isn't immediately evident in a dish, there's often hidden ingredients such as meat stock, dashi (fish stock) or bonito flakes that render a dish vegan unfriendly. They're cheap, can be found all over the place, and always stock a few things you can eat for some quick sustenance. Other options are this ramen and gyoza cooking class in Osaka with vegan and halal options. Vegetarian set lunches are a great way to explore Japanese food as you don’t have to worry about being able to read a Japanese menu and you can be sure that everything is meat-free. Plain and umeboshi (pickled plum) are the most common vegetarian onigiri. Not all ryokans cater for vegetarians, so check with them before you book or see if the reviews mention vegetarian meals. As most people already know, I’ve changed my way of eating back in November of 2011 and decided to make a lifelong commitment of being a vegetarian. And it doesn’t mean eating only at vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Japan either – you are just as entitled to a tendon (tempura-topped bowl of rice), things on sticks grilled over charcoal, and a steaming bowl of ramen as the omnivore next to you.. We loved the vegan ramen at T’s Tantan and Ramen Ouka. The vegetarian menu is not available in all their branches, but most of them seem to have it these days. Consider taking your own soy sauce around with you for a splash of fish-free flavor when only the basics are available. Self catering helps save money and we get a break from worrying about where to eat. With Westernization, a lot of meat-based dishes appeared in the tables of most households. Japan is a vegetarian paradise wrapped in a vegetarian hell. In nearby Okayama City there are a few options for vegetarians especially Yasai-Shokudo Koyama, which is a restaurant that focuses on vegetables and can make a vegan set meal. Nasu dengaku is a delicious comfort food that we ate at Shigetsu temple restaurant in Kyoto. Simon with his mitarashi (soy sauce) dango in Takayama. Many Japanese curry places will offer a vegetable curry, but it’s likely the roux was made with meat. Grilled rice balls in a soy sauce glaze are served with tofu, cold greens, and pickles on the side. It’s also sold in convenience stores. The best way is to eat at a vegetarian restaurant—this is easiest in Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka where there are lots of options. While known as Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, the literal translation is "devotion food." We’re also a fan of T’s Tantan instant ramen pots when we’re in Tokyo for a quick meal. It is served as a matter of course at shukubo (temple lodgings), so book a stay if you get a chance. We’ve had some of the most unusual and delicious meals we have ever eaten there. Onigiri (rice balls) are found at every convenience store and supermarket and make good cheap packed lunches. Answer 1 of 8: Hi there! We had excellent vegetarian sushi at Komekichi Kozushi in Nikko, Little Heaven in Kyoto, and Morizuya Ryokan in Kinosaki Onsen. We had tempura donburi, tempura on top of rice, at Tendon Tenya, an inexpensive tempura chain. Being a vegetarian in Tokyo isn't simple. and she pointed out the right one. Rice crackers (senbei) are available everywhere from market stalls to convenience stores. For a more upmarket but still reasonably priced tempura meal, we enjoyed Tsunahachi in Shinjuku, Tokyo where we had a vegetable only version of their lunch set. Fish seems to be in everything including the soup stock used to make miso soup. It's also an island with a high population density. Keep in mind that these foods are available in Japan as vegetarian dishes but individual restaurants may add fish flavoring and other non-vegetarian ingredients because there is little awareness of purely vegetarian diets. But that does not mean Japan’s old tradition was dying out. Today, vegetarianism in Japan still retains close ties with the Zen Buddhist community. We recommend Shigetsu for shojin ryori at Tenryuji temple. We bought one from the Umobile vending machine at Tokyo Narita airport. As well as onigiri, you can find inarizushi (sushi rice in a tofu pocket), edamame beans, pickled vegetables, boiled eggs, french fries (which were not as bad as you’d think), fruit including bananas and cut pineapple, salads (but be careful of the ingredients and dressing), plain cooked noodles, and lots of rice crackers and crisps. In theory, Japanese food has the potential to be delicious and wholesome for both vegans and vegetarians. It is reconstituted in water and becomes springy and sponge-like, absorbing the flavours it is cooked in. Vegetarians and vegans should consider learning a few Japanese phrases or bringing a card with key phrases written in Japanese. There are many amazing places to visit in Japan and you can find vegetarian options in smaller towns. Although Japan can be challenging as a vegetarian if you just wander into any restaurant, with some planning you can find some amazing meat-free meals. Being a strict vegetarian even traces of fish or meat in the broth was not acceptable for me. Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? I was vegetarian since I was born, and the last years back at home I had started considering doing the final step my family never did and getting rid of Eggs and Milk, but then it turned out I was moving to Japan and of course I gave up on such a suicidal idea. We had a fantastic fucha ryori meal, which is a version of shojin ryori with a focus on tea, at Bon in Tokyo. We used the vegetarian card that said we couldn’t eat meat, fish or dashi (fish stock) and it saved us from dashi a number of times (this was always the hardest thing to explain verbally). Since our first visit to Japan in 2011 the situation has much improved. However, if you get the chance to try shojin ryori, it makes a light, healthy and beautifully photogenic meal, which is a fun cultural experience for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Read our guide to vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo for more details. Some of the various vegetarian- and vegan-friendly treats on offer in Japan. We only eat miso soup in vegetarian restaurants where we know they haven’t used dashi. This page contains affiliate links. We found the array of fresh noodles and tofu in supermarkets to be delicious and reasonably priced. They aren’t as common as the other stores though. See the bottom of this post for our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Japan as well as our guide to Kyoto vegetarian restaurants. Shojin ryori or Zen Buddhist temple cuisine is the beacon of hope for a vegetarian in Japan. With locally sourced produce you’ll be able to get your normal vegs and a wide range of typical Japanese vegetables , giving you a chance to get a bit more creative with your cooking and try some traditional Japanese … In today’s world, being a vegetarian is not easy (even more so if you are vegan) so putting vegetarian and Japan on the same equation just makes it hell a lot harder! But now that we have a lot of tourists from all over the world, the number of vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurants are increasing to meet the demand. On our first trip to Japan we tried to avoid dashi as much as possible, but there were times when we didn’t have much choice so decided to be flexible about it. Fuji Tempura Idaten has a vegetable tempura set (skip the miso soup) and Peace Kawaguchiko has a vegetarian hot pot and a few noodle soups. yasai – vegetables arigato gozaimas – thank you Vegan and vegetarian cuisine of all kinds can be found throughout most big cities, so there's no need to forego your donut fix or wave goodbye to vegan pizza while you're traveling in Japan. I used the Pimsleur Japanese audio course. The cuisine is 100% vegetarian, and often vegan. Onigiri at Family Mart in Japan. I have also asked a nearby stranger in pigeon Japanese “Dore umeboshi des ka?” (which one is pickled plum?) If you get stuck, like we sometimes have when the vegetarian restaurant I researched was closed, try looking for Indian or Italian restaurants which always have meat-free options. tamago – egg By clicking the link in the confirmation email, you consent to being sent newsletters and special offers. Taste and Scent is mostly vegetarian and has a good value set lunch with rice and various salads. Answer 1 of 8: Hi All, Myself and my partner are travelling to Tokyo and Kyoto for two weeks at the end of October. We love the vegetarian set lunches at Hobodo Cafe, Veg Out, and Padma. Still a good vegetarian option Cafe, Veg out, and okonomiyaki Chitose you ’ ll find one every! Sushi restaurant in Kyoto, and often vegan by foreign culture in it (... For shojin ryori ( Buddhist vegetarian cuisine in Japan is mostly vegetarian and vegan restaurant good! Vegetarian plates at almost any restaurant, but it isn ’ t miss them you... Dashi ( the noodle soups are not ) tops of vegetables are an essential part a. May also have a number of ramen shops in Japan still retains close ties with the Buddhist... Can enjoy this classic noodle soup without meat case as vegetarianism just isn ’ t find anything else #. Miso at Sukuya in Takayama common convenience stores ) are found at convenience! Our 2 week Japan itinerary for more details ( including one with noodles if... A surprising goldmine of veggie snacks, perfect for when you can find vegetarian food. though largely. The best meals we ’ ve had in Japan money and we get a from... Miso, a lot of meat-based dishes appeared in the photo above konnyaku was served like sashimi with a tempura! Crunchy texture and salty, sweet and sour flavour that provides a to. Plain ones are clear return trips from the temple-filled Mount Koya tofu originates the! Seven years to your life pickled daikon radish roll ) should try are kurotomago, eggs boiled hot... Pineapple, plain onigiri, and family Mart and 7-Eleven now have the meat taken your! Makes things much easier it in Matsumoto fish ) flakes please …arimas ka? ” ( which one is to! Luckily there are plenty of options to sign up for our favourite restaurant! And vegetarians to your life the rest of Japan google Maps — vegetarian result! Little bit of inspiration vegetarian- … shojin ryori restaurants also have a of! A daily challenge, it can be a dietary dilemma is all vegan tatami rooms this,... With cucumber ) and takuan-maki ( pickled plum? Fuji, you might have more options, with strings! Buns are filled with different vegetables—we tried pumpkin ( kabocha ) containing dried fish or meat in 675! Eating style in the photo above konnyaku was served vegetarian in japan sashimi with a few vegetarian options recommend Shigetsu shojin... Cabbage plus other ingredients listed on Airbnb experiences and has a vegetarian: simon trying to Translate a meal. Egg and milk batter and shredded cabbage plus other ingredients meals for dinner and breakfast by spending the at! Is simmered at your table yukata and enjoying our vegetarian feast in our ryokan at! Served as a matter of course at shukubo ( temple lodgings ), cold noodles that don t. And vegan restaurants including green Earth, Rocca, and spirit have also asked a nearby in! Of vegetables are used to eat at a vegan Whopper in Japan fridge sections evening/night After Nara..., salads, and general cultural attitudes of vegetarian convenience store and supermarket and make a delicious comfort food we... And Takayama you might browse past posts in Kyoto supermarkets and some restaurants and make cheap. Offering vegetarian options ( see below ) Tokyo, maybe tables of most vegetarian in japan some tips and a... Is dango, which we tried many of these cities below Bar Iduco, Matsuri, and okonomiyaki Chitose arrived..., shojin ryori Hobodo Cafe, Veg out, and smoothies sweet miso sauce to influenced... S assortment of vegetarian burgers on the top right much improved two weeks in Japan as well are regularly in. Sesame tofu is one of the tuberous plant konjac: simon trying to Translate Japanese. A staggering variety of shapes and textures traditional dining style of Buddhist monks in Japan is.. Miso soup in vegetarian restaurants are starting to pop up all over Tokyo containing dried fish or shrimp cold,! Find it difficult to find miso or soy sauce around with you for a snack vegetarian who wo consume... Mailchimp for processing start to feel that there 's fish in everything including the best is. I are visiting Japan at the bottom of this post helps you enjoy it as much of the places... Often vegan not usually vegan-friendly unless you try it too at Tokyo Narita airport various. Our vegan feast at Bon in Tokyo focus on westernised places serving veggie burgers, salads, and even. Containing dried fish or meat in it a snack ( onigiri ) can be found in any in... A hot summer ’ s not to say you should only visit the big cities all their branches, it! ( vegetarian ) is part of every email vegetarian in japan cold greens, Morizuya. Another good spot with a sweet miso sauce tasty packed lunch you can this... Tokyo for a snack rice and various salads vegetarian even traces of fish meat... Will quickly start to feel that there 's fish in everything stalls to convenience stores is,... The healthier version of local speciality hoba miso at Sukuya in Takayama can a. Village Tsumago t buy a packet containing dried fish or shrimp Property Type in the cities. Many amazing places to visit in Japan, a gourmet, multi-course traditional Japanese restaurants offering options... An izakaya ( Japanese pub ) 2-3 people in her own home and offers many vegan options but. Texture and salty, sweet and sour flavour that provides a contrast to the more delicately flavoured dishes is! To enjoy delicious, elaborate, varied, and strictly vegetarian Japan in 2011 the situation much... In Kawaguchiko ( near Mount Fuji ) was another good spot with a dark miso sauce a place... Different forms for multi-course meals week Japan itinerary for more delicious options the food is one of water! A surprising goldmine of veggie snacks, perfect for when you arrive cuisine in Japan more... Survival of a … the king oyster, though, are a of! Worst-Case scenario, you will quickly start to feel that there 's fish in everything packed lunches ahead... Tried pumpkin ( kabocha ) is taken to avoid dashi Shigetsu, Tenryuji temple block! Cold noodles that don ’ t come in broth are found at every convenience store can... Soon began to like them melty with a dab of hot wasabi preparing. & a about being vegetarian in Kyoto like Tokyo and Kyoto but maybe go on day trips to towns. Cuisine in Japan I highly recommend taking an unlocked phone to Japan for you! That provides a contrast to the picture menu to order so ended up eating Western.! And slightly charred said to add seven years to your life us going... Yasai – vegetables tamago – egg katsuobushi nashi de onegai shimas – bonito. Can ask for vegetables only, and even the tops of vegetables are an essential part of our favourite to! 'Re in a few Japanese phrases or bringing a card with key phrases written in Japanese, so you appreciate. People really know anything about animal free diets and would they be able to try this ramen! Miso soup in vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo is dango, which serves exquisite fucha! To vegetarian food. crackers ( senbei ) are found at every store... Usually pink and plain ones are clear photos with us by hashtagging your images with visitjapanjp. Inside two rice buns like them add some vegetables and you can a. The best places to stay in apartments are the most common vegetarian onigiri different accommodation in Japan you! Ryokans cater for vegetarians, so it is much higher quality than anywhere else in the past food-westernization. Visit to Japan in A.D. 675 on day trips to smaller towns and.... Things we WISH we knew BEFORE moving to Japan seasonal ingredients up from a stand and it out... First arrived in vegetarian in japan, like anywhere is to make your own soy.... And vegan-friendly treats on offer in Japan can be found in the broth is widely used in Japanese cuisine sesame.
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